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The important stuff

Our beers are as natural as you can get! Made with no preservatives, raw ingredients, and brewed locally in Broulee, in our new purpose built brewery. 


Our core range of beers are listed below. Our beer menu is ever evolving, and growing as our patrons tastes develop and our seasons change.


Come join us for a nice cold local bevvie right by the Beautiful North Broulee Beach.

If you would like to stock our beers, contact us via email, for a range of wholesale options.

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Sweet Lager

Lager comes from the German term "Storage". Just like the old boys who ride the river mouth on a calm day, few waves then back on the shelf, this one is for you.​


West Coast Pale Ale

Just like the beautiful tropical northeasterly in summer, this west coast PA fills you with the joy of citrus and fruit aromas, a sessionable local take on the famous style. ​

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Hazy Pale Ale

A local take on a hazy pale ale. Tropical fruit aromas that will have you lost in the haze, staring out into the ocean on a summers day.


Crisp Lager

Our Crisp Lager is a little drier and has the lightness and easy drinking qualities you could sit on for the afternoon whilst wetting a line. The bitter notes are tasted towards the end and create a delicious crave for more.

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A multi-generational favourite that is easy to drink with a clean crispness. Perfect refresher after a long hard day that will have you coming back for more. 


Mid Strength

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